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A holiday on La Gomera in this largely untouched landscape which speaks to all the senses is an unforgettable experience.
Gastraum gross

At the end of such intense days we recommend a dinner, which falls in line with exactly that. Our dishes are:  

A new interpretations of traditional canary cooking

The Abraxas offers a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and artfully prepared fish dishes and also meat lovers will get their sophisticated taste experience. We take great care in the selection of our ingredients. Wherever possible and appropriate, only products from local farming come into our kitchen.

The tap water in La Gomera is indeed condensation and spring water from the mountains, but extremely heavily chlorinated. Therefore, without exception, we cook only with pure mineral water, and this is not as a matter of course on La Gomera!

Each meal is prepared à la minute. Therefore our dishes may take a bit longer than usual, but it's worth it.

You are very welcome.

Wishing you a pleasant time with us

Wolfram and the entire Abraxas-Team

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