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Mango Brandy

Aprokose gross



Type of fruit: Apricot

Quantity: 14 kg/litre

Cultivation area: La Gomera

Alcohol percentage: 40 %

Serving temperature: 18 ° C







Product description

GOTAS DEL SOL Apricot Brandy is prepared from Apricots directly from the trees in La Gomera, and matured under the La Gomeran sun. The fruit is gathered, peeled and de-seeded manually to prevent the bitter flavour of the seed from influencing the final product.

The ground pulp is fermented for 6 months in the barrel and later it is specially distilled slowly at only 6 litres per hour to make sure the natural aroma is not lost.

Aroma: an intense fruity aroma from pure apricots

Flavour: pure essence, smooth, soft


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