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Can it get any better? 

If you are longing for something special, then we recommend:

Ibérico Tenderloin

from the free-range acorn-fed Iberian pigs.


Meat Dishes


Chicken Breast à la Banana
Chicken breast in a sauce from banana with fresh vegetables and canary full potatoes)


Devils Chicken (very hot)
Chicken breast in a sauce from chili pepper with tomato, fresh vegetables and canary full potatoes


Hot Island-Chicken
Chicken breast in a sauce from coconut milk and green curry, mango, fresh vegetables, and wild rice


Spanish Lamb Chops
With intense sauce from Gomera goat cheese, marinated olives, canary full potatoes and salad


Ibérico Tenderloin
From the free-range acorn-fed Iberian pigs, pan fried, with orange sauce, mashed potatoes with coconut milk, salad


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