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Tasty things in advance or between
Gemischte Vorspeisenplatte klein

You can enjoy our light and tasty snacks either as a starter or just as a little plate in between.

Also very popular are our Canarian tapas , such as the spicy "Pimientos de Padron".

Or would you like to try a stuffed avocado on salad with orange segments and walnuts?

We especially recommend the mixed starter plate which is available as just vegetarian or as well with meat.

Tasty Starters


Gomera Goat Cheese Plate
with walnuts, tomatoes, palm tree honey and mojo


Pimientos Padrón
Oil fried green pepper with garlic, red curry,soy sauce, servd with bread


Chicken breast in a spicy soy-honey sauce with palm tree honey and orange slices on mixed salad


Filled Avocado 
Gomera avocado on a bed of leave salad, filled tropical fruits and walnuts


Mixed Starter Plate for 2
Gomera goat cheese, Melon, avocado and orange slices, fried cheese, serrano ham, bread


Mixed Starter Plate for 2 (vegetarian)
With more homemade humus instead of serrano ham 


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